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I was born in the beautiful state of Texas. Raised by a mathematics professor and his beautiful bride, an Aquarius. I knew at a very young age that I was destined for a life surrounding moving pictures, fashion, and most of all, romance. I am an explorer and a dramatist. Being the center of attention comes naturally, but sometimes I prefer to be isolated. I understand men more than most people. And they understand me quite well. My soulmate (Scot) and I are like two love-sick puppies. We knew when we first saw each other that we were soulmates even though we were both taken. And I hope to someday have wild indians for twins. My sister is my best friend. My nephew is my inspiration. Spode Christmas Tree Dinnerware is fun every day of the year. I’m too poor to keep my phone on, but too rich to complain about being too poor. I love the taste of marzipan. I love the smell of gardenias. And I dream daily about silk velvets, ostrich feathers, delicate linens, and sheared furs.

Photo: Dallas Morning News

Kristi Anderson Redman is an American painter, photographer, filmmaker, and editor of Wicker&PearlsHILLTOP Glossy and  RED|MAN Magazine.

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  2. K.A.R.

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