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July 2, 2010

Sur La Rue Hello, Big City Hiatus!

Not that Dallas isn’t big city, but we’ll be trekking through Houston and Los Angeles for the next three weeks. I’m hoping to do something that matters and pick up a little cultural inspiration along the way. We’ll be driving through the desert, an Indian reservation, Gallup, and at the end of all this, we’ll be Bayou La Batre bound. Maybe I can drag Anderson out of New Orleans:) Ha ha! Don’t worry, we’ll be posting plenty of photos! I hope this journey is fruitful! Wish us luck!

In other news, we all know that feminism has been in the midst of a serious back lash. But now, like just today, feminism is en vogue again!! Crazy, I know! Just read little miss Tavi’s blog! Just look around! It’s like a Gloria Steinem, “Hanoi Jane”, Lady Gaga world out there!! And I’m going to get an outfit to match! Maybe even a whole new wardrobe!

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