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June 24, 2010

Sur La Rue Blown Away

Everyone says I’m so blessed because of my beautiful hair… my unruly, crazy, frizzy, out-of-control, never-like-Erin-Wasson-surfer-girl-hair!! But, all you admirers are probably right. I mean, just look at it! Like a little doll’s head:) Yeah right!! Only after TWO uninterrupted HOURS with Johnny Rodriguez!! I’ve had my hair straightened before, but it usually starts to rise like a baking cake once I leave the salon! …but not this time.

It’s like a new chapter in my life! You know when you wake up in the middle of the night with complete clarity and nirvana?! I’m not joking!! Johnny gave me products that I never knew existed. Did things to my hair that are unexplainable. My head weighs 5 pounds less!! My hair was so smooth and reflective and healthy! And I know secrets now.

I’m surprised there aren’t more blow-dry bars! Johnny is a complete genius. He’s more than a hairstylist, he’s an artist! A scientist! I’m going back to get one of his legendary ‘messy buns’ before an evening out with Scot. I’m thinking messy bun, Alexander Wang dress, México 200 at the DMA, and then dancing, all night!!! What’s the best place to go dancing all night?? Suggestions, please:) Happy hair days!!

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