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May 22, 2010

Et Dieu créa Le Soleil

So I went to an auction… I was actually a guest and not working behind the camera! And this very spunky lady ,in an adorable Prada skirt, was waltzing around the dance floor. Of course, I told her how much I LOVED her skirt and she immediately offered to trade her Prada skirt for my glass beads. My Gallup, New Mexico red glass beads!! Who could blame her! I thought she was kidding. And then she persisted, saying that I ought to put the beads up for auction… for a good cause:) I DON’T think so!! All the while, my man-nequin is having an in depth conversation about the VAST history of LSU football. WAY back in the 40’s. With a former all-star player. And this lady wants my beads. She approaches Scot, but he’s too enthralled with pigskin to notice! Finally, Scot half-heartedly turns and proposes how much? HOW MUCH?! I’m sure he was kidding!! Her eyes grew big with delight, but I quickly informed her that they were my wedding beads. A honeymoon gift. Swish! (Hand motion over head) Come again!? And… ? Some folks will put a price tag on anything! She was so much fun! Love from Tejas!

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