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May 13, 2010

Surf And Rocks

What do you think of my snazzy abstract painting!? Charming, I know. Today I wore the cutest vintage white blouse from the seventies, sort of like my painting, with a lace yoke and lace puff sleeves. Simply adorable, although I had one junior high boy tell me I looked like a doily! Isn’t that a quote from Reality Bites?! I did NOT look like a doily. When boys/men don’t understand a fashion, they quickly categorize it into a costume. Like CliffsNotes to your being. Except the definitions they come up with are like serious brain malfunctions. Par example: ‘farmer’ for Ralph Lauren overalls, ‘spartan’ for my pastel drape Elizabeth & James dress, and ‘wild thing’ for caged stilettos. It’s really not their fault and I know they do it out of some sort of admiration. Well, let’s hope. I certainly don’t want my wardrobe to be all Dsquared2! JK! My wardrobe would never be function/occasion proportionate!! No no, not me! Ha ha! That’s all for now! Love from Texas!

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