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April 12, 2010

Off The Beaten Path

My sister dragged me to Cowtown yesterday despite Scot’s lingering illness and mine pending. But I’m so glad she did!! It’s exactly what the doctor ordered! Yes, the fresh smell of horse manure and smoked brisket! And so many exciting things to buy (someday when fortune favors me:), from bright woven medallion belts to beautifully crafted suede fringed bags.

I’d been SO monotonous all week! Missing out on tennis, excessive time on the sofa, and devouring loads of starchy soup and crackers all week. And not to mention, I was thinking about how I could photoshop my expression lines before any picture had ever been taken! Where was this youth-parting sensation coming from? A week in pajamas? Parents that want to be grandparents?

Which brings me to a funny story… Scot and I dropped into Tom Thumb to pick up a bottle of red and some SOUP:) And as we approached the counter, the checker girl startled me with a, “Mm…GURL! I’d rather have them CROW’S feet ANYDAY than be unhappy!” It’s as if she had decoded the gospel! I didn’t know whether to be embarrassed or think yes,yes you’re so right:) But I listened!

And then I received an email. From my very cute cousin who is in the Navy, currently stationed in Afghanistan. Apparently the choking dust that creates a constant haze over the base is full of airborne fecal matter and is creating an appendicitis epidemic. And the threat of malaria, mines, rockets, and insurgents is also very high. You quickly learn to go with the seasons! Everyday the sun rises, it is a gift! And if it’s been many,many days, those lines are the sign of living life! ❤ from Texas

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  1. S. Anderson permalink
    April 12, 2010 4:09 am

    Very well said. Every day is a gift. Your lines are few and far between. Besides, your parents are already grandparents, so don’t listen to the pressures. Thanks for yesterday and giving in to my horse fever! I had so much fun! Great pictures!
    your lil’ sis

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