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April 7, 2010

Paint The Town Red

Milford Sound in New Zealand

Not in any particular order, this is why the week is so awesome…

1.) Laurence Dacade loved our photographs of Erin Wasson! And they are adding our photographs to their Facebook page!  2.) One of my favorite little photographers, Bill Cunningham, has a documentary based on his famous New York fashion photojournalism coming to IFF in Dallas! Sugary Sam Sweet Potatoes! (And I think I’m in a film premiering at IFF this weekend! The Booker T. Washington segment. As long as my scene wasn’t cut!)  4.) My tennis volley is getting pretty good!  5.) I actually feel like I have an ounce of experience under my belt with my painting now.  6.) Spartacus, the series, has truly enlightened me and my spring style mood!  7.) My mom‘s losing weight like crazy!  8.) My Fleur de Paris panama hat is finally back in season, not that I really follow those rules! But everyone else does and I have to deal with it!

The only drawback to this week is that my partner in crime (Super Scot) is under the weather, coughing, aching, raccoon-eyed sick! I hope he feels better soon! And hopefully I won’t be following suit, but a kiss from him would be worth every ache and cough! Love from Texas!

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  1. April 9, 2010 8:42 pm

    WOW! Joan Miro, stand aside! Love your “Tree”……Outstanding work!

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