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March 16, 2010

The Sex Factor

María Elena, the fictional ex-wife from Vicky Cristina Barcelona, is the ultimate anti-fashion dresser next to Brigitte Bardot*. It’s a uniform rotation of vintage half slips, batiste lace dresses, one gorgeous investment staple, and one ornamented piece that was a gift from a wealthy friend. Oh, and of course, nudity. Being in the buff is a crucial style factor. Sipping wine and ridiculing other’s nonconformist ideals. And then finding yourself bored by all of it…let’s make love!! But it’s so difficult sometimes to be anti-fashion. Trends are infectious. And then you see that girl at the Art Institute of Chicago, descending the marble stairs, completely removed from societal standards. Long messy tresses. Breaking every rule. Not the right age, demographic, or class. But man, she made me stare, stop, and think…why am I wearing this RIDICULOUS headband**? Her style couldn’t be purchased, emulated, or designed. She just existed.

So the sex factor is really the you factor. Where are you in what you are wearing? Why is an over thought outfit not sexy? If you are having trouble free thinking an outfit, just drink a glass of red, listen to Ciel de lit, and it should come together:)

❤ from Texas,

Kristi, ‘just another pesky blogger’***

* A lot of fashion snobs would argue that B.B. doesn’t have any style, just sex appeal, but I tend to disagree…oh, and she can sing, all you pesky naysayers

** I’ve actually never worn a headband, but you get my drift

*** Cathy Horyn’s famous last words

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