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Some Artistic Notes:

March 5, 2009

Ancient Sound, Abstract on Black — by Paul Klee, 1925

Today I moved into using black backgrounds inspired by artist Paul Klee, as seen above.  The first painting I did was a thick black oil painting left to dry for several months and then I colored over the cursive brushstrokes with neon bright pastels of turquoise, violet, and emerald.  The ridges of the brushstrokes beautifully captured the dusty pigment of the pastels.  The painting I worked on is entitled Lonely Bunny, drafted from a giant lonely bunny we found at a thrift store.  (Picture to be posted later).  This project also made me think of doing a show in a pitch dark museum room where you can’t see anything in front or behind you and only spotlights on the paintings and a few 1K spotlights trailing through the room sans any stray glow.  I think it would initially make people very uncomfortable, but then I think the atmosphere might be warm and sensual.  It might also be an active show to see the people flock to the lights like insects.

In other news, I can’t get enough of fashion week in Milan.  Italian designers are my absolute favorites because they all evoke sensuality in their designs.  The French are the epitomy, but there’s alot to figure out.  Alot of science.  And alot of other dimensions to the French designs.   With the Italians, you’re one black Prada dress away from sheer power and bravado!  They truly love the female form.  Roberto Cavalli swept the week with his steel-heeled leather boots so high they disappear underneath the short hems!  I have this fantasy that by fall 2009 I’ll have the money for those boots!  Between Halo and those Cavalli boots, I’ll be ready for post-apocalyptic times.  I don’t think you would even need another runway piece if you were lucky enough to snag those puppies up!

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